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Reading Eye Associates now offers iD LIFESTYLE. The most customizable HOYA Progressive Lens.

iD technology factors in more variables than traditional eyeglass lensmaking processes, like accounting for the way your individual eyes move. iD technology is what makes the first truly personalized eyeglass lenses possible.

It starts with Integrated Double Surface Design

First, our patented Integrated Double Surface Design technology maps the specific correction requirements of each eye, creating the blueprint for lens construction.

Next, diamond point tools shape both sides of each lens

HOYA is the first to customize eyeglass lenses on both sides, shaping the vertical component of your prescription (which affects magnification and distance) into the front of the lens surface, and the horizontal component (which affects power changes from side to side) into the back of the lens. No other lens design is based on the exact specifications of your correction requirements.

Finally, iD technology corrects any skew deformation

Skew deformation is that ‘wavy’ effect you get when looking back and forth, or at the ground, or in any general direction while moving. Our Deformation Index Calculation pinpoints and corrects and distorted areas on your lenses, to bring your entire world into complete focus.